For the last ten years, ID on 3D has been providing inventors entrepreneurs and businesses with quality prototypes and innovative manufacturing solutions. The goal at ID on 3D is to provide custom service to all of our clients catering to their specific time frame and budget.

Services and Prototyping.


-Sketch Models -
Quick exploration of form and functions by using conventional methods, usually polyurethane foam.

-Visual Models - Presentation of design with full details.

-Visual Working Models - Presentation of design with full details as well as mechanical functions.

-Prototypes - Full representation of design and engineering in three-dimensional forms.

-Short Runs - Multiple models or prototypes intended for trade shows, infomercials, etc.

-Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) - A method used for modeling, prototyping and production applications. The model or part is produced by extruding small beads of thermoplastic materials to form layers as the material hardens immediately after extrusion in order to form the part.

-Laser Cutting - Used for industrial manufacturing applications, a high-powered laser which is powered by a computer is used to cut various materials leaving an edge of high quality surface finish.

-Urethane Casting - Using a master to create multiple models by using silicone molding and urethane or epoxy resins that will reproduce the visual aesthetics of the product as well as the functions of the product.

-Sheet Metal Work - Cutting or manipulation of different types of metals in order to form a variety of different shapes

-Color Studies - Exploration of colors and textures for final aesthetics of a specific product.

-Case Studies - A systematic way of looking at design. This entails collecting data and analyzing information in order to gain a sharpened understanding of what a consumer wants.